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"All Night and Forever"

"All Night and Forever"


PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (8.5 x 5.5 Front / 8.5 x 5.5 Back)

THEME: Passionate Romance

VISUAL THEME: Passionate Love Scenes

FRONT: Complete Poem

BACK: Pull-out Quote From Poem

COMPLETE TEXT: "ALL NIGHT AND FOREVER" (Front Pull-out Quoted and Bolded)

All Night and Forever
by Frank Elkins ©2012

In the stillness of midnight
I hear you calling...
in the chirping crickets,
and the nightengale’s song –
you beckon me to a place
that is warm and safe.

In the quiet solitude of slumber
you come to me...
beauty beyond description,
joy beyond compare –
in dreams of loving you
do all my dreams come true.

In the rooster’s crow
I feel your waking...
my love for you renewed
in the rays of dawn’s first light –
did you know we were together
all last night...
and forever.

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