What is the American Dream? From its very inception and foundation America represented a new possibility in the world. Not a perfect, or even complete, possibility, but the beginning of something never attempted before: the virtual creation of a new nation from scratch. Truly understanding the idea and opportunity of America transcends race, gender, religion, sexual preference, and even the human flaws of the men who first attempted to manifest it. What does it really mean to be an American? In the words of the 18th century Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant:

"Dare to know!"

• Where did the Idea of America originate?

• What Were the Reasons for Creating America?

• How Does the Declaration of Independence Represent the Birth of America?

• How Does The Constitution Manifest the Governing Principles of America?

• How Does the Bill of Rights Maintain the Soul of America?

• Who was the First Administration of America and What Did They Achieve?

• How Did America Become the Richest Country in the World? 

• What is the Foundational Flaw of America?

• What Can We Learn From Our History?

Know Your True Heritage, History and Tradition;
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