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Love is transcending. Passion is transforming. United, they transcend space and time while transforming both physical and emotional reality. Being "In Love" is to be in a completely different world that is recognized, appreciated, and perceived by only two. "Diamonds in the Night" reflects on the power of that experience in terms of memory and reunion. Being in love is a life-altering event that forever influences our destiny. It is not only a momentous remembrance for the heart, but more consequentially, it represents a brief recollection of our eternal soul; the first glimpse at the bliss of pure selflessness. 

"Diamonds In The Night"
by Frank Elkins ©2012

Tender, as first love...
Tingling Fear – Trembling Anticipation.
Together we rose above the crowds;
above the noise,
above the clouds.

As far removed as distant memories...
Another Time – Another Place.
A cosmic spark in quantum space;
known, but not remembered,
forgotten, but not erased.

And from that height we cast our eyes,
toward distant lands and unknown skies.
Where shimmering waves of city lights,
shone like diamonds in the night.

Too soon we left that world sublime,
yet left not everything behind.
We took with us a gift so bright –
Those diamonds sparkling in the night.

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