We now stand on the threshold of the next transformation of reality. The abstract qualities of quantum mechanics and digital technology offer a perspective on existence that is stranger and more bizarre than anyone, from any time, could have possibly imagined. This book encompasses both the history and consequences of our struggle to grasp the concept of reality and the nature of our existence. It also helps explain why things are the way they are, and how our perception of reality changed throughout the ages. We stand on the abyss of the most important revelation of all time: Reality, is not as real as we thought.

Here is how it works. 

• How do Human Beings Experience Reality?
• What is the Nature of Dualism?
• What is the Physical World?
• Is There a Non-Physical World?
• What is the Nature of Eastern Dualism?
• How Is It Different From Western Dualism?
• How Did Dualism Influence Christianity?
• Dualism and the Age of Reason
• Dualism and the Birth of America
• Dualism and the Birth of Modern Science
• Dualism and the Birth of Social Science
• Understanding Modern Dualism
• The New Digital Dualism
• Creating Our Own Reality
• Moving Beyond Digital Dualism

Discover the Nature of Reality and Find Out How Things Work Today!

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