Perhaps the single most comprehensive book ever written regarding the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of martial arts training. Part One, Tiger, explores the physics of training based on specific geometrical principles designed to maximize power, strength, and effectiveness. Part Two, Dragon, analyzes the metaphysical aspects of training focusing on meditation, awareness, and mental focus. A combination of Ancient and Modern, Eastern and Western, Physical and Spiritual, "Tiger Dragon" offers a depth of knowledge and understanding seldom found in this genre.  

• Lines, Angles & Circles

• Protecting Your Personal Space

• Power of Hidden Geometry 

• Breathing & Balance

• Hard & Soft Styles

• Grappling & Ground Fighting 

• Sparring

• Katas, Pinans, & Forms

• Intersection of Lines & Circles

• Connecting Deeper Principles

• Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

• Western Thought & Philosophy

• Eastern Thought & Philosophy

• Eastern & Western Reality

• Mental Martial Arts Training

• Traditional Spiritual Training 

• Shaolin Animal Styles

• Developing "Chi" Energy

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