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Like many people, I enjoy planting and growing things. My backyard is full of various succulents and cacti that I have nurtured for many years. Some of them are over ten feet tall! What most people don't know is that cacti and succulents are very beautiful and even spectacular plants and vegetation, especially when in bloom! "Cacti'ses" originally started off as a greeting I gave each morning to my lovely foiled friends, "Good morning cacti'ses! How are you guys'es?" One morning I thought I might expand on that idea a little further and develop it into a complete poem, in honor of the hardiest, most self-protected, and enduring plants on earth.

by Frank Elkins ©2017

Hello cacti'ses!
How are you guys'es?

You don't care if it doesn't rain,
You'll be happy just the same –
Ever joyful in the desert sun,
to be enjoyed by everyone...

Passing through this wasteland deep,
midst perpetual and oppressive heat –
Through endless miles of desolate sand,
where there appears to be no life at all –

When like a mirage my eyes awaken...

To one of you guys'es,
standing tall.

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