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"Earth & Sky" contrasts the distinctions between day and night as well as the symbolism and metaphors that go with them. The essential message is that Day is a beautiful thing, manifesting the clarity of life. However, Night is also a beautiful thing with its own set of enticing metaphors and symbolism. How does one choose between the two? This poem rejects the impossibility of a totally incongruent world, choosing a reconciliation and coalescing of the two apparent conflicting possibilities into something new: a convergence of night and day into twilight. It reflects life not as a choice between contradictory forces, but more as a blending and balancing of positive and negative interdependent variables that must be embraced.

by Frank Elkins ©2012

Day Breaks...
Sunlight blazes into morning –
Radiant blessings of a new dawn.
Everywhere the glorious signs of awakening,
everything becoming clearer in the light of day.

Night Falls...
Evening blossoms with the jasmine –
and the moon romances the tide.
Everywhere the silent sounds of midnight,
stirring the restless sleep of those who hear
its calling.

Beckoned by the blinding light of clarity,
seduced by the shrouded mystery of darkness,
where does my soul’s favor lie?

In the netherworlds of sunrise and sunset,
where night and day embrace and play –
On the horizon...

Between earth and sky.

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