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"Turkey Day!"   –   –   –    –    (Premium Print)

"Turkey Day!" – – – – (Premium Print)



THEME: Thanksgiving Relaxation

  8.5 x 5.5 Double Sided 130lb. Premium Gloss Stock (Front)

VISUAL THEME: Thanksgiving Dinner/Easy Chair Exuberance

FRONT: Complete Poem

BACK: Pull-out Quote From Poem

COMPLETE TEXT: "TURKEY DAY"  (Front Pull-out Quoted and Bolded)

Turkey Day
by Frank Elkins ©2007
A Holiday for overeating –
gobble, gobble, gobble!
Roasted turkey with homemade dressing –
cranberries, yams, and all the fixin’s!
Corn on the cob,
freshly baked rolls,
and pumpkin pie...
with whipped cream!
Too much food to eat in one day –
you need at least three more!
Nibbling – napping, nibbling – napping,
nibbling – shopping... if you have to.
Hot turkey sandwiches, TV, and bed...
now that’s a holiday!
"Rest and relaxation –                      
an easy-chair kind of exuberance!
Time to think about whatever you want,
to enjoy the fruits of your labor,
celebrating the comforts of your existence...
 A spirit of Thanks Giving."

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