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"Your Touch"    –    –    –    – (Premium Print)

"Your Touch" – – – – (Premium Print)



THEME: Romantic Physical Intimacy

8.5 x 5.5 Double Sided 130lb. Premium Gloss Stock (Front)

VISUAL THEME: Romantic Physical Intimacy

FRONT: Pull-out Quote From Poem

BACK: Complete Poem

COMPLETE TEXT: " YOUR TOUCH"  (Front Pull-out Quoted and Bolded)

Your Touch
by Frank Elkins ©2009

Softer than a baby’s breath
your touch warms my soul,
calms my spirit,
heals my body.

Gentle as a spring rain
your touch washes away my worries,
dispels my fears,
relaxes my mind.

Like wood to a fire
your touch fuels my deepest passions,
arousing my desire
to merge as one.

"Like a moth to a flame
your touch forever draws me closer –
To perish in the fire of love,
and be reborn anew."

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