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EDUCATION: Lesson Plans & Power Point Presentations

Practical Poetry Program's Introduction to Poetry Package features five complete Lesson Plans and Presentations utilizing a unique three step process focusing on text, visual elements, and audio commentary, along with group discussions and written reflection essays, designed to support high school ELA programs and curriculum through a practical, flexible, and unique three step process of teaching poetry.

Students will learn, analyze, and apply specific literary devices and English Language Principles including: Themes, Connotation, Meter, Rhyme, Free Verse, Allusion, Alliteration, Irony, Imagery, Repetition and the use of Literal and Figurative language. Improve student appreciation of poetry and language.

Lessons are specifically designed to be easily implemented into existing lesson plans and units as well as being unique and independent lesson plans that stand-alone on their own. Poems can be taught individually or as part of a larger unit of study. A single poem can be taught in one period, or five days, or five weeks depending on how the activities are divided and used.

Our unique lessons can help fill the holes in your current curriculum units or help you build complete new ones depending on your specific needs. Experienced teachers, new teachers, and substitute teachers will all find our turnkey lessons a valuable, flexible and useful tool to have in their educational toolbox.