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"Spooner Summit" Video Poem (mp4)

"Spooner Summit" Video Poem (mp4)


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Between Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada, exists a little-known spot where the locals come with their families for a day of fun in the snow. There's no sign. No parking lots. No entry fee. No park rangers. Just snow - and lots of people with sleds, discs, inner tubes, and various other snow enjoyment equipment and accessories. And, if you don't have something to ride, you can just throw snowballs, or build a snowman, or fall on your butt! It's a magical place that seems to have only one reason to exist: fun.

It is a place where family is more important than work, and losing a sled race to your son is more fulfilling than an up day on Wall Street. A chance to forget everything else in your life that takes you away from what's really important: being with the ones you love. "Spooner Summit" is available individually or as part of the "Seasons & Traditions" poetry reflection exclusively available at:

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