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"Spooner Summit"

"Spooner Summit"


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Spooner Summit 
by Frank Elkins ©2009

There is snow on Spooner Summit...

Shimmering trails of icy crystals glistening in the sun,
calling children of all ages to partake in Winter's fun!
With multi-colored sleds they come, or in tubes if they’ve got’em;
to glide down frozen mountain slopes and maybe break their bottom!

Children slip, and slide, and fall, until they’ve had their fill,
and even Moms and Daddies have been known to take a spill!
Where acting like a kid again can make you feel years younger,
while hot chocolate and Fig Newtons help to kill the cold and hunger.
I feel the burning ice and snow slap cold against my face,
as I finish a close second in a lively two-man race.
And I wonder at the ease and joy of having so much fun,      
just sliding down this bumpy hill and losing to my son!
It is in these magic moments we discover what to treasure,
the laughter of a family just enjoying simple pleasures.
And if my life gets crazy, or the Market starts to plummet –
I hope and pray that on that day...
There is snow on Spooner Summit.

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