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"A More Perfect Way"

"A More Perfect Way"


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THEME: Coming Together as Americans

VISUAL POETIC REFLECTION:  "American Chronicles" 


A More Perfect Way
by Frank Elkins

If you believe…
That all human beings
are born with the divine
spark of equality –

That the consecrated gifts
of freedom and liberty
secure our individuality –

That the fruit of thought and speech
should always be protected;
as alternative views are also openly
considered and respected.

That you are the captain
of your own unique vessel –
Free to chart your own destination
and set the course of your own sail.

That happiness can be pursued
in the daily actions that we choose –
If simply left alone to choose them
and government does not avail.

That being where we are
is not the place we want to be –
But that always moving toward perfection,
is moving in the right direction.

If you believe these truths
to be eternal and self-evident –
Endowed to you by a much higher power,
than any human government…

Then you are an American.

If you believe that anarchy and chaos
are the appropriate tools to use
for building the elusive promise
of a brighter new day –

May wisdom lead you to recalculate and reconsider
the true cost of your violence and destruction –
Take some time to come to your senses…
And choose a more perfect way.

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