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"Lover's Poem"

"Lover's Poem"


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THEME: Passionate Love

VISUAL THEME: Extreme Passion


Let us be Lovers…
and know the sweetness of a kiss,
the warmth of an embrace,
the rapture of a touch.

To drink from the cup of ecstasy when we meet,
and suffer the agony of emptiness when we part.

Let us be Lovers…
and know the love that has not limits in time or space,
a love of perfect peace and perfect pain,
a love that reaches beyond life itself.

Love that stirs emotions too powerful and dangerous for the mind,
fueling the fire of the heart which yearns to be burned
and consumed in its sacred light.

Let us be Lovers…
and see eternity in each other’s eyes,
joy in each other’s smile,
and life in each other’s face.

To know we are kindred spirits of the heart,
together creating a sanctuary where our Souls meet,
to rest and replenish themselves before continuing the long journey ahead.

Let us be Lovers…
and leave this mortal world behind,
entering into the realm of the divine,
that magic place lying just beyond reality.

To know the joy of eternal bliss for a brief instant,
yet feel its influence forever.

Let us be Lovers…
and share the mystery of lovers before us,
the anticipation of lovers after us,
and the sacred joy of the endless now that only lovers know.

Let us feel the yearning which has no limits and knows no bounds,
for what can overcome the power of love itself?

Let us be Lovers…
sharing the spirit of life,


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