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"Earth & Sky" Video Poem (mp4)

"Earth & Sky" Video Poem (mp4)


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Earth & Sky contrasts the distinctions between day and night as well as the symbolism and metaphors that go with them. This poem rejects the impossibility of a totally incongruent world, choosing a reconciliation and coalescing of the two apparent conflicting possibilities into something new: a convergence of night and day into twilight. It reflects life not as a choice between contradictory forces, but more as a blending and balancing of positive and negative interdependent variables. Earth & Sky recognizes and emphasizes a philosophy of understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the world, and a need to embrace and maintain its balance in your life. 

"Earth & Sky," is also available as an individual poem, or as part of the "Contemplation & Reflection" poetic reflection available exclusively through 

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