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"BEING AMERICAN" A Primer for All Parties & Persuasions (PDF)

"BEING AMERICAN" A Primer for All Parties & Persuasions (PDF)



What does it really mean to be an American?

In the words of the 18th century Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant: "Dare to know!"

 This is not a book about history, or politics, or even patriotism, although all of those things are part of the journey. It is more importantly a book that explores the idea of America. Truly understanding the idea of America transcends race, gender, religion, sexual preference, political parties, and even the human flaws of the men who first attempted to manifest it. From its very inception and foundation America represented a new possibility in the world. Not a perfect, or even complete, possibility, but the beginning of something never attempted before: the virtual creation of a new nation from scratch.

 Now the obligation falls to us. It is within our sphere of influence to decide if the experiment continues or if the dream dies. As Americans, it is our dream now. “BEING AMERICAN” is an owner’s manual for all citizens, future citizens, and human beings who recognize the world altering influence behind the idea of America.  

 Dare to know!

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