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NEW! "Social Distance Santa"

NEW! "Social Distance Santa"


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THEME: Santa cancels Christmas because of COVID!
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Social Distance Santa
by Frank Elkins ©2020

Before I could write my letter to Santa,
this time he sent a letter to me!
Cautioning not to expect any presents
this year underneath the Christmas tree?

It seems the jolly, cheery old elf 
Is suffering some form of extreme apprehension –
Related to the possibility of getting Covid;
Resulting in massive stress and undue tension.

So, this year, old St. Nick
will keep his social distance –
Until vaccinations, herd immunity,
or natural T-cell resistance.

Not officially designated
as a key essential worker –
Now considered an annual trespasser
and once a year chimney lurker;
There no longer seems any reason
to risk his life and continue on –
Delivering toys and presents to infected houses
all night long and through the dawn.

So, this year Santa will stay 
more than six feet apart –
Far too many comorbidities:
He smokes, eats cookies,
and is overweight, just for a start –
along with other deficiencies.

Therefore, He and Rudolph
will stay home and self-quarantine –
Loading up on “D” and zinc,
while gargling with Listerine!

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