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Practical Poetry Program: "Sword of Sarcasm" (Single PDF Lesson Plan)

Practical Poetry Program: "Sword of Sarcasm" (Single PDF Lesson Plan)


"Sword of Sarcasm" is a metaphorical celebration of language, literature, and creative writing.

"Sword of Sarcasm" is a more sophisticated poem, allowing students a chance to closely consider and explore basic literary ideas and devices. Almost all vocabulary is academic and related to various English Language Arts areas including literature, narrative, expository, and poetry. This is a great poem for introducing students to the key concepts and basic vocabulary related to the entire ELA curriculum. It's a chance to get them talking about many subjects and themes.

All of our lesson plans feature a unique three step process focusing on text elements, visual elements, and audio commentary, along with group discussions and written reflection essays designed to support high school ELA programs and curriculum through a practical, flexible, and unique natural growth process of teaching poetry.

"Sword of Sarcasm"

by Frank Elkins ©2012

Slashed with the sword of sarcasm –
Pierced with the power of poetry –
Mesmerized with the magic of metaphor...
A banquet of hyperbole lies before me,
on a table set with thought and expression –
Sumptuous feasts served hot and cold,
with a pinch of prose and a dash of irony...
And "just" desserts are their own reward.
Intoxicatingly cool beverages with a twist of mystery...
and a splash of audacity –
Quenching my creative thirst
on a warm,
balmy afternoon.

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