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Practical Poetry Program: "Youth" (Single PDF Lesson Plan)

Practical Poetry Program: "Youth" (Single PDF Lesson Plan)


"Youth" uses metaphors, rhyme, allusions, and a sense of innocence to express the nature of youth and the transition of a world from one generation to the next. 

 "Youth" gives students a chance to explore their favorite subject: themselves. This is a great poem because it lives where they live: between young and old, future and past, and even old and new technology. It asks them to think about themselves in terms of being the future, while appreciating the accomplishments of their predecessors from the past. It also asks us, the previous generation, to appreciate their future as part of our own. Although people have been talking about "those darn kids" for centuries, for centuries "those darn kids" have consistently and successfully moved the future forward.

All of our lesson plans feature a unique three step process focusing on text elements, visual elements, and audio commentary, along with group discussions and written reflection essays designed to support high school ELA programs and curriculum through a practical, flexible, and unique natural growth process of teaching poetry.


by Frank Elkins ©2015

The youth of today
scoff at the past –
Proclaiming their destiny from the rooftops...  
Facing an unknown future
and a brave new world –
with oblivious innocence and ubiquitous optimism.

Though we, and they,
may not know
where they are going –
In the end we understand...

They are the dawning of tomorrow’s sunrise –                                                                   We are the sunset they hold in their hand.


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