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NEW! "Christmas Tree-hog"

NEW! "Christmas Tree-hog"


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THEME: Stealing all the Space Under the Christmas Tree (Dedicated to my Sister)

Christmas Tree-hog
by Frank Elkins ©2019

While reminiscing
over past holiday history
my sister recently revealed
a secret childhood mystery.
How I had so annoyed
the family and she
by hogging all the space
underneath the Christmas tree.

My presents
were always purchased
early by Thanksgiving;
just awaiting the arrival
of the fresh and fragrant evergreen –
Wrapped and ready
for Christmas giving
were more presents
than you have ever seen!

“You always took up all the space,
compelling us to find another place –
Perpetually elbowed to a lesser spot,
for all the presents we had bought!”

I suddenly realized
that my mother’s tradition
of placing gifts
on the piano bench
was really a mission;
to find some alternate space
far from the tree and yuletide log –
banished to the wastelands
by the Christmas tree-hog!

However, I assured her,
with the utmost certainty,
that the early bird
always gets the tree!
Plus, it’s not so bad
attaining a legacy
for having too many presents
for family and friends...
underneath the Christmas tree from me!

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