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THEME: All Human Beings Have Flaws – Even Great Human Beings

VISUAL POETIC REFLECTION:  "American Chronicles" 


by Frank Elkins

George Washington, 
Thomas Jefferson,
Abraham Lincoln,
Martin Luther King –
All men more substantial than me,
who through a unique and imperfect union,
earned their way into our history.

Not because they were beings without flaws,
or faithfully followed and obeyed the laws –
But because they chose to follow a cause
that was greater than themselves.

They, like us, were only human,
with a wealth of faults and sins to be found.
Yet, when the conflicts of their time
put forth an essential challenge –
They were the ones who stood their ground.

Mere mortals of circumstance
struggling to find and follow
the better angels of their own nature –
Striving to overcome
their individual personal transgressions
each and every day.

And through that sacred commitment
to a more powerful possibility –
May have found one or two,
on their path along the way.

The day we choose to celebrate
only the perfect and the perfectly wise,
is the day we choose to make it impossible,
for an average human being to rise…

…and become more perfect.

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