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"Tick Tock"

"Tick Tock"


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THEME: in Memory of George Floyd - May 25, 2020

VISUAL POETIC REFLECTION:  "American Chronicles" 


"Tick Tock"
by Frank Elkins
May 28, 2020
Tick Tock
Goes the clock…
As George Floyd
dies live on TV.
A knee driven deep
Into the back of his neck –
Suffocating under the color
of authority.
Pressed hard into the
unforgiving asphalt –
Gasping his last breaths
for all the world to see…
“Please, officer, I can’t breathe,
Please, officer, you’re killing me –
Help me Mama – Help me, please…”
Minute by minute,
second by second,
for what seemed like an eternity –
His life was slowly taken away.
Despite his pleas for the American Justice –
That was denied to him in every way.
Pay attention America,
George Floyd is you and I –
When his inalienable rights are trampled,
The Promise for all of America dies.
Injustice cannot forever
continually be denied –
Equal justice under the law
must finally become realized.
Wake up America!
Embrace the ideals
you so often flout –
Tick Tock America,
time is quickly running out.

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