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"To Choose"

"To Choose"


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THEME: The importance of making decisions/Taking timely action 

VISUAL THEME: Snake in the grass


One day on the journey Home,
I came upon a fork in the road.
One path went down the valley along the river,
the other up into the hills among the trees.

A dilemma arose...
Which one to choose?

Shady, cool path by the river?
Warm, sunny trail through the hills?
The gentle ripple of a stream?
The eagle’s call, loud and shrill?

Bears in the forest, lions by the lake!
I prayed to God... which path to take?
Was one more fortunate? Was one path best?
Was one road Life? The other Death?

What was the answer, to this Existential Test!?

And while clenched inside that Cosmic Fight,
to travel left, or maybe right –
I felt a sharp and stinging bite.
Then, saw a most alarming sight.

I turned my eyes to see a snake,
A poisonous one,
make no mistake.
And as my life began to pass...

He said:
“Should have made a choice –
before I bit your ass!”

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