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"When Autumn Comes"

"When Autumn Comes"


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When Autumn Comes
by Frank Elkins ©2007

When Autumn comes...
My spirit brightens with the season –
Beholding nature’s blazing spectacle of color,
experiencing a cornucopia of awesome wonder!

When Autumn comes...
Worries simply drop from my mind –
Like leaves falling from the trees,
anticipating their dance with the harvest wind.

When Autumn comes...
Summer’s harshness is gently subdued –
Long soft shadows fall on sleepy afternoon streets,
the moon rising early into the darkness.

When Autumn comes...
My soul is reawakened –
All my senses being fully restored,
by the crisp bite of a chilly fall evening.

When Autumn comes...
Goblins enter into the night –
Jack-o-lanterns glowing in the window,
destined to become Thanksgiving pie.

When Autumn comes...
The Holidays are not far behind –
Blessed reunion of family and friends,
life’s traditions securing the circle of love.

Year after year and season after season,
the magic and the mystery come and go –
Yet still my heart and soul stir and rejoice...
When Autumn comes.

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