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"Forgiveness"  –      –      –      –      –   (Digital Download)

"Forgiveness" – – – – – (Digital Download)



THEME: Charleston, South Carolina AME Church Shooting (June 17, 2015 )

2  8.5 x 5.5 (Front/Back) PDF Digital Download

VISUAL THEME: Crying Angel/Church Bulletin

FRONT: Pull-out Quote From Poem

BACK: Complete Poem

COMPLETE TEXT: "FORGIVENESS"  (Front Pull-out Quoted and Bolded)

In memory of the nine amazing human beings slain at the AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina: June 17, 2015 – RIP

by Frank Elkins ©2015

Hatred walked
into church today
‘round Charleston,
South Carolina way.
Doors always open,
no matter your race,
filled with God's blessings –
a true holy place.

They welcomed him in
as one of their own...
He seemed so vacant,
appeared so alone.
Treated with friendship,
they offered him care:
The warmth of God's Love,
so willing to share,
but all he returned
was a blank hollow stare.

Brilliant flashes
of bitter anger
thundered from his
soulless gun,
leaving just a few alive
to tell what evil deed
he'd done.

Nine bloody bodies
lying dead on the floor,
the corrupted victory
of his resolute gore –

Then God showed up
to speak once more:

As every brother, sister
and family relation,
stood in front of a
traumatized nation,
each of them knowing
they had every right
to hate the monster
before them that night –

Chose a higher
road to travel
just as the country
was about to unravel:


Offering God's mercy,
and even redemption –
hate, anger, revenge
never mentioned.

And in that moment
my soul was healed,
Seeing the miracle
of God's Love revealed.

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