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"Tale To Tell"

"Tale To Tell"


PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (8.5 x 5.5 Front / 8.5 x 5.5 Back)

THEME: The Meaning of Life

VISUAL THEME: Words Carved In Stone/Stark Twisted Leafless Tree

FRONT: Pull-out Quote From Poem

BACK: Complete Poem

COMPLETE TEXT: "A Tale To Tell" (Front Pull-out Quoted and Bolded)

A Tale To Tell

by Frank Elkins

From the depths of Reality and Illusion
I have come to tell this tale...

Love is the Divine in the world –
we are all divine.
Hate is the Evil in the world –
we are all evil.

Life is a series of Choices –
we are the result of those choices.

Empathy blooms
with the fragrant flower of Compassion;
Violence blossoms
in the bitter fruit of Fear.

What we do is who we are,
in the sands of time
while we are here.

my obligation met,
I genuinely wish you well
with the potent Truth
that has been imparted –

In an unassuming tale... 
that I did tell.

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