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"We Know Better"

"We Know Better"


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THEME: Deception/Corruption/Rebellion (Hamlet Allusion)

VISUAL THEME: Evil/Power/Moral Weakness


They don’t like to think too much,
and they don’t like to think too long –
They don’t like to think at all,
they don’t think they’re ever wrong.

But we know better –
Can tell a hawk from a handsaw.
We know better –
Can’t get the truth from a slack-jaw.
We know better –
Can see which way the wind blows.
We know better –
Like a snake in front of your nose.
We know better.

Despite the method of their madness –
We inherit the suffering and sadness.
So when they start to spread their lies,
it's time we look them in the eyes –
And finally make them realize...

We know better.

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